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崇拜时间 Sunday Worship Service  
9:30 - 10:30am 儿童主日学 Zoom ID: 544 690 1286
9:30 - 10:45am Youth Sunday School Zoom ID: 164 781 685
11:00 - 11:30am 成人中文敬拜 Zoom ID: 452 224 456

成人主日证道信息 Sermon information (2/28/21)

讲员 Speaker 田灵慧传道
题目 Topic 在基督里的彼此相爱 Love each other in Christ
经文 Scripture

经文;约一/1John 4:7-21

大纲 outline 一、爱的源头--上帝 The resource of love--God
  二、爱的实践--彼此相爱 The practice of love--love one another
  1、爱神 Love God
  A、将我们的身体当做活祭献于神 Offering our bodies as living sacrifices to God
B、将我们的“最爱”献于神 Offering “the one” we love most to God
  2、爱人 Love others
  A、为他人的灵魂忧伤 The lamentation for others' relationship with God
B、接纳和饶恕他人 Willing to accept and forgive others
  Theme of 2021  
  2021 Theme: Grounded in Scripture, Acting in the World

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