LCCC Location
We are located one mile south of Man O’ War Blvd at:
4030 Lexington Road, Nicholasville, KY 40356

LCCC教会提供周日接送服务. LCCC provides shuttle services on Sundays 详情请点击这里 Click here for detail

Church facilities are located on a 5 acre site set in Jessamine County. The original building was built in 1993 and the most recent Fellowship/Education Hall was built in 2014. Total Square footage is over 17,000 square feet.

来城华人基督教会位于与列克星敦 (Lexington)城市交界的杰西敏(Jessamine) 县, 占地5英亩。教堂始建于1993年,于2014年增建了多功能的 联谊/体育/教育馆. 这样, 两堂总面积超过17,000平方英尺。