LCCC Cell Groups

Sermon Date Speaker Sermon Reflection/Discussion
6/26/22 田灵慧传道 宣告主悦纳人的禧年 Download
  Pastor Kirt Thallman Put off Put on
6/19/22 黄兴丰牧师 慈爱的父亲 Download
  Pastor Will Horne Parable of the loving father
6/12/22 尹谷恩長老 你的名在全地何等美 Download
  Pastor Will Horne Reign of the Babbling Babies
6/5/22 Dr. Ted Moon The Holy Spirit: Resident or President? Download
5/22/2022 尹谷恩長老 神的呼唤 人的回应 Download
  Pastor Will Horne The Call to Prophetic Ministry
5/15/2022 庞秉远长老 失败父亲以利 Download
  Pastor Will Horne The Generational Harm of Institutional Sin
5/1/2022 田灵慧传道 以利加拿 Download
4/24/2022 黃興豐牧師 耶和華大而可畏之日
4/24/2022 Dr. Ted Moon Burning or Blessing?
4/17/2022 田灵慧传道 墓前垂泪、见证复活 Download
4/3/2022 Dr. Hamilton Robbing God! 抢夺神! Download
3/27/2022 田灵慧传道 从古至今、“爱”“义”不变
  Dr Stacey Minger God of Justice
3/20/2022 田灵慧传道 不从情欲、忠于婚约 Download
  Pastor Will Horne “Unfaithful”
3/13/22 尹谷恩長老 真敬拜 Download
  Dr. Ted Moon Is that a Sick Animal I See?
3/6/22 Pastor Will Horne Does God Love Us? Download
2/27/2022 田灵慧传道 不徇私情,堵住破口 Download
  Pastor Will Horne When It All Falls Dow
2/20/2022 吉俊燕师母 重新立约,献祭与神 Download
  Dr. Ted Moon I Do. I Will….Maybe
2/13/2022 田灵慧传道 数算主恩,内思已过 Download
  Dr. Victor Hamilton Confession
2/6/2022 Pastor Will Horne The Power of Scripture Download
1/30/2022 田灵慧传道 步步引领、城墙完工 Download
  Dr Stacy Minger Nehemiah 6
1/23/2022 Pastor Will Horne Justice & Generosity Download
  房正豪牧師 領袖的特質
1/16/2022 尹谷恩長老 面對困境
  Dr. Hamilton Dealing with Opposition
1/9/2022 Pastor Will Horne Project Rebuild Download
1/2/2022 田灵慧传道 身在宫中,心系耶城 Download
12/12/2021 田灵慧传道 尊主为大,以神为乐 Download
  Dr. Victor Hamilton Christmas is a Season of Joy
12/05/2021 Dr. Ted Moon Advent: Hopeless or Hopeful Download
11/28/2021 田灵慧传道 西面的颂歌 Download
11/21/2021 陈云传道 在神的审判中更深认识神 Download
11/14/2021 田灵慧传道 给以色列和其领袖的信息 Download
  Pastor Will Horne Hear This Word & Live
11/07/2021 Pastor Mark Webe Warning to the Nations/ 对列国的警告 Download
10/24/2021 尹谷恩長老 靠主, 常常喜樂 Download
  Pastor Will Horne Peace, Perspective, and the Sufficient God
10/17/2021 田灵慧传道 保罗的舍弃与追求 Download
  Dr. Ted Moon Not Perfect but Pressing On
10/10/2021 王东传道 以基督耶稣的心为心 Download
10/03/2021 Dr. Victor Hamilton Philippians 1: A Window into the Heart of the Apostle Paul
09/262021 田灵慧传道 以马忤斯路上的相遇 Download
Dr. Moon Encounter on Emmaus Road
09/19/2021 房正豪牧師 做真门徒 Download
Pastor Will Horne Upside-Down Discipleship
09/12/2021 田灵慧传道 登山宝训:聪明和无知的盖房者 Download
09/05/2021 Dr. Victor Hamilton False Prophets and True Disciples Download
08/29/2021 田灵慧传道 登山宝训:论祷告 Download
08/22/2021 黄兴丰牧师 不要论断人 Download
08/15/2021 田灵慧传道 不要忧虑 Download
08/8/2021 陈云传道 积攒财宝在天上 Download
08/1/2021 Pastor Will Horne 禱告和禁 Prayer & Fasting Download
07/25/2021 田灵慧传道 登山宝训:论施舍
The Sermon on the Mount: Giving to the Needy
07/18/2021 尹谷恩长老 說誠實話 Download
07/11/2021 田灵慧传道 登山宝训:论奸淫、离婚和再婚 Download
07/04/2021 Pastor Will Horne Enemies are Neighbors Too Download
06/27/2021 田灵慧传道 登山宝训:论发怒 Download
06/20/2021 Dr. Victor Hamilton Jesus, the Law, and the Rest of Us 耶稣、律法与我们众人 Download
06/13/2021 田灵慧传道 活出光和盐的生命 Download
06/06/202 Pastor Will Horne The Sermon on the Mount 登山寶訓 Download
05/30/2021 田灵慧传道 耶稣与尼哥底母谈重生 Download
05/23/2021 朱海宁长老 顺服圣灵,彼此相爱 Download
05/16/2021 田灵慧传道 耶稣升天 Download
05/09/2021 黄兴丰牧师 从圣经看孝敬父母 Download
05/02/2021 Pastor Will Horne 路得記四章: 逆轉、救贖、復活
Ruth 4: Reversal, Redemption, Resurrection
04/25/2021 田灵慧传道 人生的抉择(二) Download
04/18/2021 Dr. Ted Moon How Does God Take Care of Us? 上帝如何看顾我们? Download
04/11/2021 田灵慧传道 人生的抉择 Download
04/04/21 Pastor Will Horne 復活節的故事 Download
03/28/21 田灵慧传道 耶稣的眼泪 Download
03/21/21 陈云传道 理所当然的侍奉 Download
03/14/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里得享安息 Download
03/0721 Pastor Will Horne The Best Workers Download
02/28/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里的彼此相爱 Download
02/21/21 Dr. Victor Hamilton Two Parables About Prayer Download
02/14/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里的得胜 Download
02/07/21 Pastor Will Horne Who Are We Becoming?
1/24/2021 田灵慧传道 在基督里的新身份 Download
1/17/2021 黄兴丰牧师 属灵教会与属世现代异教之属灵争战 Download
1/10/2021 田灵慧传道 在基督里,我们同为一家人 Download
1/3/2021 Pastor Will Horne 使馆教会 The Church as Embassy Download
Meeting Schedule
Fri 校园学生小组 Every Friday 6:30 pm 刘金戈 859-684-2375
  Youth Group Every Other Friday 7:30 pm Pastor Will Horne 224-304-38021
  Canna Group I The 1st and 3rd Friday 8:00 pm Eva and Chingwen Li 859-351-0715
  Canna Group II Every Friday 7:30 pm 何 强夫妇 361-0511
  Canna Group III Every Friday 7:30 pm 庞长老夫妇 859-806-4184
Sat English Group Every other Saturday 6:30 pm Gorden & Christa Bingham 552-0351
  Taiwan Group Every Other Saturday 7:00 pm 黃寶源夫婦 523-7452
  平安小組 Every Other Saturday 7:30PM 戴信雄长老夫妇 223-8704
  亲子组 Every Other Saturday 7:00PM 林国辉夫妇 909-896-9708
Sun Ever Green Group Every Sunday 8:00 pm 许婧琛,卢忆欣,陈丽珠 699-9637
Mon BSF 姐妹组 每周一晚聚会 6:30pm 王长老,李珊珊, 程秀榮
  BSF 弟兄组 每周一晚聚会 6:45pm 刘德玉