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  LCCC Cell Groups
Sermon Date Speaker Sermon Reflection/Discussion
04/11/2021 田灵慧传道 人生的抉择 Download
04/04/21 Pastor Will Horne 復活節的故事 Download
03/28/21 田灵慧传道 耶稣的眼泪 Download
03/21/21 陈云传道 理所当然的侍奉 Download
03/14/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里得享安息 Download
03/0721 Pastor Will Horne The Best Workers Download
02/28/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里的彼此相爱 Download
02/21/21 Dr. Victor Hamilton Two Parables About Prayer Download
02/14/21 田灵慧传道 在基督里的得胜 Download
02/07/21 Pastor Will Horne Who Are We Becoming?
1/24/2021 田灵慧传道 在基督里的新身份 Download
1/17/2021 黄兴丰牧师 属灵教会与属世现代异教之属灵争战 Download
1/10/2021 田灵慧传道 在基督里,我们同为一家人 Download
1/3/2021 Pastor Will Horne 使馆教会 The Church as Embassy Download
Meeting Schedule
Fri Youth Group Every Other Friday 7:30 pm Dustin Heath 219-789-3451
  Student Group Every Friday (UK BCM) 6:30 pm    
  Canna Group I Every Other Friday 8:00 pm Eva Li 859-351-0715
  Canna Group II Every Friday 7:30 pm Haining Zhu 219-8625
  Canna Group III Every Friday 7:30 pm Bingyuan Pang 971-1490


Every first, 3rd Friday 8:00 pm

Julia Wang

Sat English Group Every 3rd Saturday 6:30 pm Christa Bingham 224-3072
  Taiwan Group Every Other Saturday 7:00 pm 黃寶源夫婦 523-7452
Sun Ever Green Group Every other Sunday 1:30 pm Judy Kan 699-9637
Mon BSF 姐妹组 每周一晚聚会 6:30pm 王长老,秦秋琳 ,李珊, 程秀榮
  BSF 弟兄组 每周一晚聚会 6:55pm 骆嘉