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  LCCC Mission
  莱城华人基督教会2022 年感恩节见证会 海报 节目单
范晓红 主的恩典不离开
季亚英 在爱中得医治
张真 开路的神
冯湖安生 蒙神恩典,我拿什么回报你
梁师母 what I am thankful? 感谢神
赵春华 一推一拉之间
邓玉华 默想带来的喜乐
何文竹 此生惟愿与主同行
Jim Orr 重生

拥有宣教心, 关心宣教事, 成为宣教人

  宣教日引 在这里, 你可以了解世界上福音在那些鲜闻福音和福音正在传播之地的情况, 你可以学习如何为神的宣教事工祷告。 求神帮助我们, 参与到他拯救万族的计划中。
  Joshua Project - Pray
  The Jesus Film - Mission Trip

Lord Jesus gave us the great commission to share the gospel with all nations. We believe God has a special purpose for establishing LCCC in Lexington. We believe God has given us a special mission to witness and share the gospel good news with the "Lexington Chinese Community." Hence; as a team we endeavor to encourage, exalt and help brothers and sisters to become a witness and messenger of the gospel of Jesus. We plan, organize, carry out all the church's evangelical out reach activities and programs; such as evangelical crusades, new student welcome party, seekers class and discussion groups, provide cell group with reach out training materials and recreational fellowship gatherings (ball game, picnic) Etc. With the help of God, the power and leading of the holy spirit, we believe LCCC will be fruitful and Gods name glorified.